Who is Your Counselor?

Who's My Guidance Counselor 2017-18?

Want to know who's your Guidance Counselor and how you can reach them?

Here you go!

  • Mrs. Proby- 11th & 12th Grade M-Z, Lead Counselor
  • Ms. Tolbert- 11th & 12th Grade A-L , AVID Counselor Contact
  • Mrs. Corcoran- 9th & 10th Grade A-L
  • Ms. Doralus- 9th & 10th Grade M-Z
  • Mr. Lares- 11th & 12th Grade ELL
  • Mrs. Vargas- 9th & 10th Grade ELL
  • Mrs. Kokotoff- 11th & 12th Grade IB Diploma (DP) & Career-related (CP) Programme students

If you need to see your counselor, make sure you stop by before school, after school, or during your lunch to set up a time and day to meet with them! You can also set an appointment by calling the Main Office at 561-540-2400.